Super Duty Front End Conversion

Transforming the look of your 1999 - 2004 Super Duty or Excursion is an easy process with the correct parts. The easiest and most professional results will come from simply using one of our kits that include:

  • Three piece bumper assembly
    • Bumper
    • Upper Pad
    • Lower Valance
  • Grille
  • Headlights
  • Headlight Harness
  • Bumper Brackets

We sell complete kits that contain these parts. You will need to purchase a header panel (the piece behind the front end). These are reasonably priced dealer items and we recommend that you order these from your local Ford dealer. Please check the price with your local dealer before you buy a used one from a salvage yard, as we have seen some salvage yards sell used header panels for more than a new one ordered from the dealer. On the other hand; you may find a screaming deal on a used salvage yard piece.


We have put together a sort of illustrated instruction of how to make the conversion that can be found HERE.



It is possible to use the original 99-04 header panel with modification, but we feel that the time saved, and the overal quality of the conversion makes buying a new or used 05-07 header panel your best bet. That being said, HERE is a good article on making the modification.


We also realize that sometimes you may not need all of the pieces to complete the conversion. Maybe you have already purchased the headlights. Or you have a lead on a particular 05-07 grille you want to use. Or maybe; you want to save money and switch out just the grille and headlights. We offer kits with just about any parts combination you may want, and because of our market research we feel confident that our kits offer the best value of anything else available.

Shop our Super Duty conversion combos HERE.