Terms & Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, All sales are final; no refunds are available. We will only issue an exchange if the item is received defective or if the incorrect item was received. Please contact us before returning any item.

Please be sure that the item you are buying will fit your car. If you are not sure, please call us to confirm. If the part is not correct for your car and a return is requested, you will be responsible for the shipping costs and any other costs associated with getting the correct part to you.

All return items MUST be in brand new condition; meaning the item was never installed and kept in original packaging. All returns are subject to 20% restocking fees.

For return items, all shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Item is Sold "AS IS " , no warranty is expressed, unless specifically stated on listing. By buying or bidding on this item, you agree to our terms and policy. Please do not buy or bid if you disagree with our terms and policy.


Warranty Terms and Conditions


Hi-Tech Body & Paint warrants to the purchaser that all parts are serviceable and functional. With parts that are entitled to a limited warranty, if found to be defective within the allotted time of the warranties date of guarantee (according to warranty provided on receipt) from the date of purchase, Hi-Tech Body & Paint, shall at its discretion, provide either a replacement or a refund.


Absolutely NO reimbursements will be given for delay, labor, mileage, or any other costs in installing or reinstalling a part(s).


ALL electronic parts are sold with NO warranty unless specified otherwise.


Core/Exchange part(s) must be turned in at the time of purchase, or a core deposit will be required. The core deposit will be refunded if core/exchange part(s) are brought in. In cases of returned items, the core or core fee may be non-refundable.


Motors, transmissions, transaxles, differentials and similar part(s) are guaranteed to work properly. For warranties to be effective, we require new oil seals, dealer verified fluids, and gasket to be installed before installation whenever appropriate in engines, transmissions, transaxles, and differentials etc... We do not guarantee against oil leaks, or bad seals/gaskets. All parts must be installed by qualified mechanic with current training/certification credentials. Installation by non-qualified mechanics void warranty.


A complete engine assembly sold by Hi-Tech includes but not limited to the block, head, oil-pan, and all the internals. Alternator, starter, compressor, power steering, etc... are considered accessories and will not be a part of the sale unless specified otherwise. For any warranty to be effective, installation of the part(s) must be by a certified mechanic.


Motor and cylinder heads have heat tabs installed on them. If the center of a heat tab is melted out, the warranty is voided.


The warranty shall be void if the part(s) are not returned to us in the same condition in which they are sold, or do not bear the identifying mark which appears on all Hi-Tech Body Auto part(s). All returned part(s) must be accompanied by a sales receipt. We shall not be responsible for any part(s) which have been altered, modified, disassembled, or damaged by misuse or accident subsequent to purchase. All part(s) are guaranteed for stock installation only


Defective or Damaged Part(s) must be returned to Hi-Tech at our discretion before any replacement or refund is given. The Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with returning the item(s) to Hi-Tech and forth. Warranties given are non-transferable between customers and will be considered void when transfer in the ownership of the part(s) has been made, EXCEPT when purchased by a dealer for installation into a customer's vehicle, in which case the warranty transfers for that customer only.


It is the purchaser's responsibility to retain the original invoice and present it for any warranty claim.