How to convert a 1999 - 2004 Ford F250, F350, F450 Super Duty, and Excursion to the 2005 - 2007 Front End.

At Hi-Tech Auto Parts we sell many Super Duty conversion kits, and our body shop makes the conversion frequently. In an attempt to help our customers and provide the best possible customer service, I will try to explain a typical conversion and illustrate it with photos.

The first step is to remove the original front end parts:

You will also need to remove all hardware to use again on new parts. That includes the retaining clips (photo 4).

You will use the new bumper brackets provided in the kit, but you must use the hardware removed from the old bumper brackets (photo #3).

Some of the hardware may be stuck in place pretty good. Penetrating oil or WD-40 may help to loosen stuck fasteners. Because you will need to reuse the hardware try not to damage or force anything.

This is a fairly easy, straightforward job as long as the parts that get reused are in good shape.

After the parts are removed and set aside, the first part to be put on the truck is the header panel. We sell the header panels on our website and on eBay, as well as locally. If you are not local and will need your parts shipped, we recommend that you call your local Ford dealer's parts department and check the cost of the header panel with them. We will pack it and ship it to you, but it may cost less to purchase it locally, as the shipping cost on the header panel may make it more expensive to get to you.

We also recommend that you contact the Ford parts department for the emblem if you do not have it. We do not carry the emblem; it is a dealer item.

Install the new header panel with the four bolts used to hold the original header panel on (photo 6).

Make sure to bring the headlight and signal wires through the headlight wiring hole in the header panel (photo #7).

Once the header panel is in place the front of your truck should look like the truck in photo #8.

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